The Wrap Strap

Our most versatile and accessible strap, The Wrap Strap is designed to wrap around literally anything; highlights include boots, thighs, fists, heads, & furniture. The o-ring is exchangeable with different ‘tightness’ settings to allow for different sizes of toys.

Can wrap around anything 8-50″. Measures 30-50″ flat. Wrapping it twice allows for 10-30″. The ‘base’ layer of leather underneath the o-ring works super well as a handle or bit when used on a fist or head! This is 4oz folded-over black garment leather in a mid-pebble finish. It’s soft, won’t stretch, and takes well to humidity. Available with any color stitch and brass or silver hardware.

The Wrap Strap in Silver – $145 CAD

The Wrap Strap in Brass – $169 CAD

To Order

Please e-mail with your color preferences (leather, stitch, hardware), shipping information, and sizing. Alternatively, visit us in-store to see our full leather selection. More info and color explanations are available here.