Tack / Horse / Equestrian

Repairs, Alterations, Redyes, Reconditioning

Yes! We accept tack / horse / equestrian gear for repair, alteration, redyes, and reconditioning. Halters, leads, lunge lines, bridles, & all the gear that will go on you we happily accept.

We DO NOT ACCEPT SADDLES. Saddles do not fit in our store very well & tend to be tricky to repair. Best to visit a saddle-maker

The gear can be used, but we ask you bring it in a seal-able bag as horse allergies are common.

For Custom

We can make custom-fitted halters, leads, or any strap-based gear in tradition Western styling or a modern plain. We DO NOT MAKE custom saddles, that’s a super specialized leather trade which we are not set up for.