Covid-19 Updates

We’re re-opening our intakes JUNE 10th with curbside appointments Tues -Sat 12-6. There’s a few important changes:

By (Curbside) Appointment

Please BOOK AN APPOINTMENT for us to meet you on the curbside to do an intake. If you drop by unannounced, please RING THE BELL on the table outside.


With social distancing in effect, we can no longer ‘mark up’ your alterations for you. And so we’re asking that you take over our leather-safe silver pen, clips, and measuring tape and mark up your alteration under our supervision.

For alterations, WE REQUIRE CUSTOMERS TO WEAR A MASK and will be wearing one ourselves.

Repairs, Redyes, Custom, Etsy

Are all up and running as usual! We appreciate if customers wear a mask when showing up for a curbside appointment.

Short Staffing & Supply Chain Disruptions

Covid-19 has us short-staffed and quite a few of our suppliers and shipping chains disrupted. Things may take a little longer and we appreciate your patience and patronage in these weird, weird times.

Thank you & Stay Safe – Ariss