Repairs / Alterations

BoundAries Leather is one of the few spots in Vancouver that specializes in leather repairs and alterations for your beloved items! All projects come with online order tracking.  

Common Alterations: 

  • Body take-ins 
  • Sleeve shortening 
  • Arm tapering 
  • Hemming Leather and Kevlar Pants 
  • Sewing on patches 

Common Repairs: 

  • Zippers, baby!
  • Tear & Hole Patches
  • Replace rivets, snaps, buckles, hardware
  • Liner replacements


We work on a HUGE variety of projects. We’ve fixed longboard suits, handbags, guitar cases, hiking gear, & basically any heavy industrial sewing or leatherwork. Wondering if we do it? Probably, come on by! 

BOOTS & COBBLING: We currently do not resole or reheel boots (although we know how), but we do repair zips and holes, stretch them and redye them! 

Restoration Work, Bootblacking, & Redyes

We are the ONLY place that redye garments in Vancouver and guarantee our work on black leather. For color items, things get complicated and while we do it, we’ve got to talk you through the process!

Have an old leather item that’s experiencing dryness, discoloration, salt, mold, or simple wear and tear? We’re experts in restoration work for all leather gear, particularly boots. We work with 100% natural, non-silicone or petroleum-based products and love the process of bringing leather back to life. 

Our Hours:

DROP-IN: From 11-6 on Wed – Sat, feel free to drop in with your items. Sometimes, simple repairs may be done while you wait. Other repairs require 1-3 weeks turn around time. Note, we do not accept drop-off if we are not in! 

APPOINTMENTS: Are not necessary but available via e-mail, Wed – Sat 11-6.

Pick-Up: Are open EVERY DARN DAY. Once you get the ‘it’s done’ call swing by ReRides, during their hours, to grab it. If unpaid, an item has to be held until Ariss takes payment.  

ReRides is open: Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm, Friday 10am-8pm!, Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 12-6pm.  Holidays vary.

Have a specific question? Send us an e-mail with a pic to see what we say! Better yet, visit us in store.

Our latest hour updates: 

Due to all staff self-isolating we're temporarily CLOSED FOR ALL PICK-UPS & DROP-OFFS. Updates outgoing via email, we appreciate your patience!