To give an accurate quote on repairs, we really do need to see the item! This list is not our full arsenal of repairs nor prices and all costs are dependent on size, leather type, timeline, quantity, placement, lining, construction, ect. This here is just to give you a super rough idea:

Rough Estimates on Repair Work:

All repairs are subject to an additional 5% GST 

$15 Minimum Fee
Rivet / Snap / Button: $15 min plus $1.50/per
Small Seam Re-Sew: $15-25
Hole Patch: $20-30
Sew-On Vest Patch (per patch): $8-25*
*varies due to number, size, & if sewn through the lining

36-48 hour Rush Fee: Additional 20%

Classic Leather Jacket: $120
Straight Zip Jacket: $80
Racing Suit Main Zip: $150
Racing Suit Attachment Zip: $45/80
Pocket: $30
Pants Main Zip: $45
Handbag: $45
Sleeve/Leg Zipper pairs: $60-100
Boot (per boot, not pair): $45-65

Garment Alterations:
Jacket Take-In (torso, arms): $160
Arm Length Shorten: $55
Arm Length Shorten, Move Zips: $85
Arm Length Let-Out: $50
Arm Length Addition: $65-135
Additional Pocket: $45
Leg Full Taper: $75
Leg Half Taper: $45
Leg Hem Stitch: $20
Butt Tuck: $45-75
Vest Shoulders Seam: $45
Suit Length Extension Panel: $140-180

‘Back to Black’ Redye: $55
Color Change Jacket Redye: $180
Jacket Weather Conditioning: $35
Boot Redye: $55
Bootblacking / shoeshine: $15-45

Jacket Lining Basic: $145
Fancy Material: + $25
Pocket Transfer: + $15
New Pocket: + $25
Vest Liner: $95
Chaps Liner: $145

Estimates on Custom Work (60% deposit):

All new products are subject to 5% GST and 7% PST:

Keychain – $15-25
Vest or Chap Extender – $15-25
Stamping / Burning – $15-45
Collar – $18-65
Wrist Cuffs – $45-125
Thigh Cuffs – $75-150
8oz Oil Tan Belt – $55
Boot Harness – $35-75
‘X/Y’ 8oz Oil Tan Harness – $175-220
‘Bull’ Harness – $125- $175
Strap-on Harness – $100-250
Vest – $175-250
Fetish Hood – $175-275
Flogger – $100-450
Major Jacket Rebuild – $200-450
Cosplay ‘Jon Snow’ – $1,500 – 2,000


Are you a human who wants a lot of something? Some type of store, festival, conference or collector? We do wholesale depending on the item, amount, and timeline. For this, you really do have to talk to us – send us an e-mail with the details! We will ask you to fill out this intake form:


We guarantee what we do, and every now and again we make a mistake! If we’ve made one with you, please do let us know. We’ll do our best to fix it OR compensate you for the mishap.   

Please note we can’t guarantee against giant unforeseen events such as flood, fire, or earthquake. If something goes wrong we’ll work our hardest to make it right again, but we are only human! 

Pricing Accessibility:

Vancouver, leather, and life generally are expensive. We get it. And we understand we hold a lot of privilege and power in being able to do this type of work. That said, we also live off of this work and want to see it grow to give more people jobs!

If you’re wanting something done, talk to us about your budget and we’ll work within it, while still being realistic to our bottom line. We do not accept trades in favor of paying people for the services they provide us! 

Price Explanation: 

Our prices are currently based on a $85 hourly wage plus costs of material. Why is this at this price? Quite simply, that’s what it costs to run our business and pay ourselves! Anything less would tank us, and that’s no good.