We love taking on small to large custom projects for whatever your heart desires. We’ve reworked motorcycle gear, made custom kink outfits and BDSM tools, & produced festival and cosplay gear. Chances are if it’s sexy, geeky, or hyper-functional then we’ll want to make it!

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How It Works:

  1. Let us know what you’re looking for! Simply drop-by our Wed-Sat 11-6 hours to see what we have to say OR send an email with as much ifnormation as you can muster!
  2. Timelines: vary. Simple strap-based items (harness, cuffs, collars, ect) can expect a one week turn-around. Medium items (knife cases, watch straps, wallets) are closer to 2 weeks. Large project that require a fitting (saddlebag, jackets, cosplay outfits) take 4-6 weeks for completion.
  3. Pricing:  Depends on the project. All projects require a deposit or full-payment before we start! Do let us know your budget. (GST and PST apply to all new items!)

We Love Making:

Anything kink-related, made out of veg-tanned leather, hyper-functional, or requiring traditional leather-craft techniques (hand-stitching and detail work)! Our practice varies and every project we work on simply makes us better. We love them for that!

We Do Not Take On:

  • cobbling aka heels and soles on boots*
  • hand or machine embroidering
  • hats
  • upholstery (couches, seat cushions)

* We LOVE cobbling, and we know how to do it! It’s just that, we don’t have a cobbling shop (yet). Our current price for a lifetime of cobbling  is $35,000 to start up a shop. And… we’re not joking! Interested? E-mail and make our freaking year.

The Leather:

Our leather is constantly in rotation. We source locally and from afar. Our stock will always consist of 8 oz natural veg tan, 6-8 oz black oil tan, 8 – 10 oz black belting leather, many light weight aniline and chrome-tanned leathers (black, red, blue, gold, silver, ect), vegan options, lots and lots and lots of scraps. It’s likely we’ll also have some rough-out leathers (suede and nubuck) as well as the occasional exotic (ostrich shins, snakeskin). Craving something specific? Let us know. We’ll find it for you.

Not sure what all this means? Click here.

The Hardware:

We currently stock hardware in silver, chrome, black, bronze. Have a nickel allergy? Don’t fret! We have solid bronze options that are body safe for long-term use.


Want something extra spiffy on your jacket? Studs you say? We’ve got you. We’ll will add custom studs (of all shapes and sizes), rings, chains, buckles, straps, snaps and patches to just about anything. We also custom stamp words or patterns into leather with the options of a gold or silver finish.

Note! That we do not provide patches (you’ve got to bring them) or embroidery (it’s a special fancy machine)!

Due to all staff self-isolating we're temporarily CLOSED FOR ALL PICK-UPS & DROP-OFFS. Updates outgoing via email, we appreciate your patience!