About Us


Due to a family emergency, and the holidays our intakes are now closed until the new year. Ariss will be away for a funeral this week. Project updates are outgoing over e-mail; we appreciate your patience and understanding. 

HOURS: Wednesday to Saturday, 11am – 6pm

Find Ariss, our leatherworker, in store Wed-Sat 11-6 for all inquiries of repairs and custom leather. We operate out of East Side ReRides, the leather motorcycle consignment store, which kindly allows for the pick-up of PAID ITEMS seven days a week! 

View our latest hour updates here:

Contact BoundAries Leather:

E-mail: info@boundariesleather.ca

Find Us Here:

Storefront East Side Re-Rides

221 E 16th Ave, V5T 2T5

Just Off Main St in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Our Story:

BoundAries Leather is a small leather-craft workshop based out of East Side ReRides, the motorcycle leather consignment store. We do repairs – fix zippers, liners, hardware problems (rivets, snaps, buckles) as well as patch holes, redye boots, custom-tailor garments and restore vintage gear! Our custom projects are based on a walk-in basis and open to a huge variety of leatherwork. We’re open to biker, kink, cosplay, alternative, vintage, wholesale, or other needs! 

Our main leatherworker is Ariss! They started leather-loving years back and have grown from a simple shoeshiner to learn traditional leathercraft techniques (hand-stitching, wet molding) to practical tailoring needs all the way to full-blown cobbling. They love weird and odd jobs so bring them by! 

More about Boundaries Leather

Our main leatherworker is Ariss! Ariss started fooling around with leatherwork in 2016, mainly through bootblacking with friends. Since then, they’ve self-taught themselves to how to design, stamp, wet-form, hand-sew, machine-sew, repair, redye, alter and condition leather for a variety of projects. They’ve worked at numerous cobbling shops and shoe-making factories in Vancouver (Gold Star Shoe Repair, Love Jules Leather) and currently work part-time with Dayton boots! The rest of the team consists of the copious store knowledge of East Side Re-Rides. The wonderful humans who work here are leather mavericks and know just about everything there is to know about leather history, different brands, and super rare and functional details. They collaborate with our designs, photography, business decisions, tech solutions, bootblacking, and the family hive mind. And, yes! We’re queer, we’re trans, we’re kinky and we’re really hoping you’re some kind of flavor of weird too! Ariss’ pronouns are they/them.

Our Tools

Our workshop started small and has slowly acquired a few more fancy things! We are still focused on carefully handmade items and have lots of hand tools, from hammers to punches to leather stamps – and 4ft of solid Douglas Fir as our thump stump!

Our ‘heavy machinery’:
We have a slew of sewing machines – a walking foot, two patchers, a fabric serger, a fabric domestic; along with a 5-in-1, a cobbling anvil, a shoe stretcher, a vintage (not-yet-working) skiver, and a in-the-process-of-being-set-up hot foil press! Have machines you’re selling? Contact us!

Boundaries Leather vs East Side Re-Rides

Although we’re often found under the same roof, BoundAries Leather is a completely different company than East Side Re-Rides. East Side Re-Rides coupons won’t work with us and things bought from or consigned with East Side Re-Rides do not automatically qualify for free repair.

During regular business hours, the staff at East Side Re-Rides are able to

  • take in items for our attention
  • hand the finished items back to you
  • take your payment.

See Ariss directly for

  • custom work
  • quotes on repairs
  • any problems with your items

Physical Accessibility

Our workshop is not open to the public. All consultations and fittings are done in store at East Side Re-Rides. (accessibility info here) If you have a (dis)ability, either visible or invisible, and have a difficult time reaching us, please let us know; housecalls may be possible.